Friday, November 27, 2015

4802 SW Wild Turkey Lane, Indiantown, FL 34956

FOR SALE: 22 Acre Totally Private Ranch. Fully fenced and gated with 3 pastures, planted with oat grass and cleared and destumped with Oak tree areas and open pasture, pond. ALL the land work has been already done for you! 3 buildings included. A barn with managers apt, perfect for a weekend get-away, and 3 stalls with storage room. 2nd building is a huge work shop. 3rd is a great gazebo! This property is a MUST SEE if you have horses or other animals as it is perfect and private! Walked this property and one area is better than the next. Some wetland. Moss hanging from trees!!!!! Only word to describe it is awesome, or one of a kind! Call or click for more information. 561-756-0891.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Generosity Generation by Michael Maher

In the Generosity Generation, we have a simple formula for success:
Generosity + Appreciation = Prosperity.

The three Success Principles of the Generosity Generation are:

Please note how these align with Generosity (Give First), Appreciation (Give Thanks) and Prosperity (Give Back).

If you’ve seen my articles, you’ve seen me outline systems for practicing proactive Generosity. And if you were at a recent GenGen Mastermind ( with Remington Ramsey, you saw me outline a simple system based on Appreciation. Today, I delve into Appreciation – and the power of something that doesn’t cost you a penny - a little further.

First, let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever done something for someone where you felt like you put yourself out, you did something above and beyond, or you went out of your way for that person? Then, they weren’t appreciate of your efforts. Have you ever experienced that situation? Many have. And let me ask you, how likely are you to do something again for that person?
Not. Likely.

Now, let me ask you another question. Have you ever done something for someone that you thought was just part of your job or done something for someone that you just thought was who you are or what you do normally? But, they were so genuinely and sincerely appreciative of what you did for them. Have you ever experienced that situation? Many have. And let me ask you, how likely are you to do something for that person?
Very. Likely.

Just by doing something as simple as expressing appreciation.

Here’s another thought that may reinforce the power of appreciation:
Remember the last time you went out of your way to go the extra mile for somebody? Remember doing something so exceptional, so over the top, that you just couldn’t wait to get that person’s reaction?
And you waited. And you waited. And you waited. Finally, you bumped into that person. Still, nothing. Then YOU brought it up.
“Oh, yeah… hey thanks, that was great.” (Ouch)
Then there was the time you splurged. You spent a little more than you intended on that gift – the wedding gift, the birthday gift, the just-because gift. You just knew they were going to love it. You couldn’t wait to see their response.
And you waited. And you waited. And you waited. Nothing.
How does that make you feel about that person?
How likely are you to do something for people like this?

In reality, NOT expressing your appreciation does more HARM than expressing your appreciation does good!

So, be the person who expresses appreciation.

Who is someone you need to thank today?

How is the best, most heartfelt way you can express your appreciation?

Stop what you are doing right now and make the call, write the note, send the invite, buy the gift, or make it happen. You read this article for a reason – and I appreciate that – and expressing your appreciation to that person that came to mind may just save that relationship.

You want more referrals? Appreciate the ones you get. You want more gifts. Appreciate the gift-givers in your life. You want people to do more things for you? Appreciate those who are already doing things for you.

Soon, you will find you have a similar problem as me. There are so many people in your life to appreciate that you have block off time daily to express your appreciation for the blessings and generosity that comes your way.


Michael Maher
Author, Speaker, Realtor
(7L) / Generosity Generation

Monday, November 16, 2015

10750 SW Fox Brown Road, Indiantown, FL 34956

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Complete Gated Farm/Ranchette Package Available. Opportunity to purchase everything! Remodeled in 2002, included is Home with furniture, In law suite with furniture, Huge pool and spa, 2 ponds, Barn for 4 horses, huge Mancave full of every piece of equipment needed, freezer for beef, frig. for snacks, 2 generators, tractor, bush hog, front end loader, riding mower, air compressor, pressure cleaner and tons of equipment. Additional smoker and grill, another separate storage shed, 500 gal. fuel tank, A frame chain horse, Storage is like the home depot of parts for wells and irrigation. 2 wells, double fenced and lighted wall for privacy. Shutters. Direct TV with surround sound. If you are looking for everything included.See list of equipment. Priced right on

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Low-end housing better investment than high end

                  Low-end housing better investment than high end


NEW YORK – Nov. 3, 2015 – Should investors change their real estate purchase strategies? According to Clear Capital, its recent study suggests that there are drastically different dynamics going on at the extremes of nearly all markets – and investment potential appears to be leaning towards the low-price tier.
The study ignored 50 percent of homes of moderate value, looking only at homes in the low tier – the bottom 25 percent of all transactions in a market – and the top tier, or highest 25 percent of transactions in each respective market.
Study results
• Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) with some of the highest distressed saturation rates like Detroit, Orlandoand Miami have low-tier year-over-year growth outpacing the top tier by large margins – in some cases by more than 20 percent.
Study authors say the investment difference is "likely due to high levels of investor activity in the low price tiers, which also typically represent the majority of distressed activity. However, the top tiers of these markets appear to be lagging significantly in comparison."
• The Detroit MSA knocked the San Jose MSA off its top spot, where quarter-over-quarter growth was 2.4 percent. But most markets appear to be slowing down for the fall and winter real estate seasons. Las Vegas quarter-to-quarter growth fell from 2.0 percent to 1.5 percent.
• In Miami, the housing market's top tier is growing by an otherwise impressive 0.6 percent quarter-to-quarter and 4.9 percent year-to-year. However, the lowest tier of the market appears to be sprinting ahead with 2.7 percent quarter-to-quarter growth and 15.5 percent year-to-year growth.
"These kinds of disparities between the low and top tiers are obfuscated when looking at the growth figures for the entire market as a whole," study authors say. They "could lead to missed opportunities for investors who are only looking at the headlining figures, or worse, disappointing returns for those who are investing on higher end properties."
"As the housing recovery continues to unfold, we are clearly seeing a growing dichotomy between the low price tier and top price tier market performance," says Alex Villacorta, Ph.D., vice president of research and analytics at Clear Capital.
"For both first-time homebuyers and investors, this should signal a major opportunity in these lower tiers," Villacorta says. "For any buyers of high end properties, this clear trend signals the need to be highly vigilant with investment strategies in this market segment."
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